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History of Casket Retailing
Unfortunately, most of us will be faced with the responsibility of making funeral arrangements, either planning ahead for ourselves or at the time of need for a loved one. Until recently, consumers were left with no alternative other than relying on a funeral home for their service and merchandise needs. The late 80s and early 90s saw an increasing death rate as our aging population began to cross the threshold of mortality. Quite simply ... death was becoming big business with big profits! By the mid-90s, the cost of the average traditional funeral had skyrocketed to between $6,000-$8,000, with up to 50 percent of that amount made up by the cost of the casket!
A landmark date for consumers was in 1994 when the Federal Trade Commission amended its Funeral Rule. The resulting law prohibited funeral directors from charging a handling fee or penalizing the consumer in any way if they wished to exercise their right to freedom of trade by shopping for goods and/or merchandise at a place other than a funeral home! The change in law, coupled with the exorbitant pricing of many funeral homes paved the way for the new industry of casket retailing. Today, there are hundreds of retail casket locations throughout the U.S. and Canada; many are geared toward meeting the needs of their specific community. While many locations vary in size and product offerings, most are able to save consumers up to 40-70 percent off funeral home merchandise pricing. At Guardian Angel, whether it's expertly crafted, hand-polished hardwood design, or bronze, copper or stainless steel, each of our products is created to exact industry standards.

Funeral Rule:
Since 1994, in accordance with Funeral Rule-16 CFR Part 453.4 (Federal Trade Commission), you have the legal right guaranteed by the federal government to furnish a casket to the funeral home of your choice who cannot charge a handling fee or refuse to accept the casket.
The casket is frequently the single most expensive funeral item you may have to buy if you are planning a traditional funeral. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars and place your savings back into the family estate.
Sales Direct to the Public:
Guardian Angel Caskets is a family-owned business offering a wide selection of affordable burial caskets in steel or hardwoods. We know that choosing a casket for a loved one is an important and personal decision.

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